Dawn Schieldt for Montrose School Board

I am running to be a part of the solutions that will drive our district toward excellence with common sense, hard work, and a working understanding of education. It is the right of every child to have the very best that our district can provide.


Raising Academic Standards Through Classical Learning


Providing More Support

for Teachers


Empowering Parents to

Lead and Be Engaged

I am running to support our Teachers, Parents, and Students! Let's build our education system together... Let's get back to basics!

I have lived in Montrose for 29 years. It has been a wonderful place to raise my family. I also love this community, the beauty around us, and the people that live here. Education is critical. It is the foundation that changes lives. I understand this and want to make sure our district has excellence embedded in its foundation. My name is Dawn Schieldt and I am running for School Board.

I am a mom, grandma, and teacher which is why I believe we should not just provide education, but excel at it. My goals for this district are to raise academic standards through classical learning, support our teachers and advocate on their behalf, and to empower parents to make the necessary decisions for their families.

“Liberty is not the power of doing what we like, but the right to do what we ought” -Lord Acton

Help Our Children Learn What They NEED

The academic standard is dropping, which we see with failing CMAS scores. Currently, only 23% of our children are testing proficient in math and only 37% are testing proficient in reading. We need to have a stronger focus on classical learning in our classrooms, in order to keep politics and agendas out of the picture. I will be sure to present solutions when considering whether or not classical learning is being supported in our classrooms.

Get Rid of the Nonsense With Better Support for Our Teachers

As an educator myself, know that teachers will get the support they need from me. One of my main goals is to improve the support for our hard-working teachers by recommending fair compensation and investigating restraints in the classrooms. Our teachers should be able to focus on teaching.

Be Empowered with Solutions for Your Families

As parents, it’s our job to make personal decisions for our families—not the school district. All families should have access to the type of education that works best for them. We should be providing school choice options for our families in order to best fit the needs of their children. I want our families to have choices and be supported within those choices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Dawn stand on WOKE agendas?

First let me define what I believe WOKE to be. WOKE = Race, Gender, Equity, and CRT. It concerns me that we would consider laying this stress, guilt, and confusion on the laps of children. They are not biologically, emotionally, or psychologically ready to understand or process these concepts. I will never be for institutions that put our children in jeopardy. As adults we struggle with these ideas and cannot come to an agreement how to manage WOKENESS! Yet, we expect our children to. Let us keep it out of the classroom. It does not promote learning, kindness, or wellness. We should not put children in a classroom to feel guilt or distress about race, color, sex, or national origin. Let’s get back to basics and let kids be kids.

What is Dawn's stance on homework?

As a teacher I have seen the benefits of homework. It can be a time where parents see first hand what is being taught in the classroom and take part of their child’s learning. While some homework can be over excessive, I have found it to be a helpful tool. Students do not learn at the same pace and homework can help advance them, reinforce classroom concepts, and give them an opportunity to catch up. At home they are not competing with the time allotted for class and can work at their own pace. When done well, homework is very beneficial.

Where does Dawn stand on dress code?

Dress code is a non-issue when there are clear parameters and boundaries and when enforced. How we dress often reflects how we feel. When we dress our best, we put our best effort forward. We should be giving students every advantage to succeed which will be reflected in the dress code. It is important what students wear is not an excuse not to perform or do their very best.

How involved should School Board Members be?

The School Board is an elected seat by the voters. School Board members need to be actively engaged and aware of the needs of the district. It is their job to make the tough decisions on behalf of the students, parents, and teachers. School Board Members need to be making sure that education stays just that: education! They need to reinforce the purpose of school and make sure classrooms have optimal learning environments and opportunities. All board members need to be available and have open, healthy dialogues. Community Members should expect responses and know they have been heard. One way to do this is to have open discussion during community input.

Candidates Dawn Supports

I endorse these candidates because I agree with their positions on education